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10 Benefits of a Cloud Hosted PBX

10 Benefits of a Cloud Hosted PBX



In today’s Internet-based world, almost everything is online. Even modern businesses now have the option of a PBX business phone system that is hosted in the cloud, rather than having to invest in the required on-site hardware to operate a multi-line business phone system. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange and refers to the complex multi-line office phone systems with robust routing features that are used by businesses, and that have been around for decades.

We've come a long way from the very first PABX hardware systems, which often took up entire rooms for all the computerized switchboard components. Today's systems can be implemented in data centers around the world and calls will be routed to the appropriate offices or departments of the business via the Internet. Many cloud-hosted systems even offer the use of smartphones or mobile devices instead of traditional desk-based phone systems.

If your business is looking for a better switchboard solution, a cloud-hosted PBX system could be just what you need. Keep reading to learn more, including the 10 benefits that will have you setting up your installation sooner than you think.


What Exactly is a Cloud PBX System?

A cloud PBX system essentially functions in the same way as a traditional business phone exchange. The difference is that while a traditional switchboard system requires an investment in all of the hardware and the space to house it within the business, a cloud PBX telephone system doesn’t require the purchase or housing of any hardware or servers. Everything is maintained and operated offsite and the business only has to deal with taking the calls and setting up the system to their liking.




The Benefits of a Cloud PABX You Can’t Ignore


#1: Flexibility

As a business grows and changes, so will its communication needs. Today’s cloud telephone systems are designed to offer flexible solutions that can be changed at a moment’s notice to suit the ever-changing needs of the business. They can also be integrated with other cloud applications for a variety of functionalities, including flexible and remote working solutions.

#2: Scalability

When there is no hardware, there is no need to purchase more hardware to expand. Having cloud-based solutions enables a business to add or remove extensions and lines at the drop of a hat, with no investment in additional hardware. You may need to upgrade plans to accommodate more lines, but that only entails just a click of a button. The affordability of scaling is what sets this system apart from traditional PBX.

#3: Feature-Rich Solutions

Because this is a virtual service, the options for features and customisation are nearly endless. Businesses from all industries and of all sizes can find any and all of the features that they need in a PBX service with cloud hosting providers, including the option to pick and choose features, upgrade to premium packages, and more.

#4: Immediate and Regular Updates

In the past, businesses had to invest a lot of money in updates and wait for them to become available for their phone system. Today’s Internet connectivity allows your PABX to be updated as soon as new software is released and ensures that the system is regularly checked for the most current updates available.

#5: Cost Savings

Some PBX providers have reported cost savings between 30 and 75 percent for a number of their customers, just from switching to a cloud-based PBX system. Onsite solutions require a huge cost investment upfront and a lot of maintenance costs. When a data center takes over the hosting, they also take financial responsibility for the hardware. Therefore, all the business pays for is the cost to use the provider’s service and the handsets required.

#6: Space Savings

When you aren’t having to host all of the hardware for a phone system, you can use that space for more effective purposes. Although technology has come a long way, traditional PBX hardware still takes up a reasonable amount of space. With cloud hosting, the hardware is off-site, and your business will have more space in the office.

#7: Total Control Over Business Communications

When you implement a cloud-hosted PBX, you will be given a user interface that gives you total control over the communications, including the tools to set up the chain of contact and call routes, as well as the ability to add and remove features and functions as needed. Plus, you can change settings with the click of a button rather than operating a huge physical system.

#8: Ease of Implementation and Use

Most cloud-based PBX phone systems can be implemented within a matter of days and are ready to use right away. Plus, using them is so easy that there’s not much training or experience needed. Staff members can answer calls and use the phones as normal and leave the details to the hosting center.

#9: Better Customer Service

Having a virtual attendant will ensure that all calls are routed to the correct office or department, and even allow for interdepartmental greetings and special messages to assist people with common questions or concerns. There will be fewer complaints about phone communications and less stress for everyone.

#10: Business Continuity

In the event of some type of natural disaster or major event that could interrupt your physical business operations, your phone systems could go unaffected with the implementation of a cloud-based PBX. Hosted services are in a different location and can be located anywhere in the world. Therefore, even if the office is out of commission, your calls can still be routed to other phones or computers through the cloud.


The Bottom Line

Cloud Hosted PBX systems are cost-effective, efficient, and completely scalable. They also offer a number of other benefits, as you now know. If your business needs a more affordable, flexible solution for communications, the cloud-based PBX might be the perfect fit.


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