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Virtual Landlines


What are Virtual Landlines?

Virtual Landlines are simply the common name used to describe the modern product of business and consumer telephone landlines supplied over reliable IP technology. Traditionally, telephone landlines were supplied and delivered to organisations via copper cabling. With the deregulation of telecoms markets today, most modern businesses source their landlines or “Virtual Landlines” from approved, independent telecom providers over IP technology which essentially means via their Internet connection.

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A virtual landline number is the primary incoming telephone number used by businesses to communicate with the outside world, it is prevalent on most organisations marketing including; websites, business cards, and email signatures. A business landline number is the method that your customers use when contacting you, calling for support or requesting additional services. It is the lifeblood of modern-day businesses and for this reason, a reliable, cost effective and feature rich business landline solutions is critical for successful operations. United Telecoms’ virtual landlines can be up and running within hours, provide exceptional reliability, an array of features and the ability to reduce your organisations telecoms costs.


Virtual Landline Pricing


Per Month
Virtual Landline
Includes a Geographic Number (01, 02, 03, etc)
Single User
iOS and Android Smartphone Ready
IP Handset Compatible


Per Month for each additional user
Virtual Landline
Includes a Geographic Number (01, 02, 03, etc)
2+ – Unlimited Users
Add user to original Landline as on PBX System
iOS and Android Smartphone Ready
IP Handset Compatible


Per Month
Virtual Landline
1000 Inclusive Minutes to UK Mobile or Landlines*
Includes a Geographic Number (01, 02, 03, etc)
Single User
iOS and Android Smartphone Ready
IP Handset Compatible





Benefits of a Virtual Landline

Never Miss A Call
You can reroute your landline to any mobile device when power or data connectivity is down via our simple self-service portal, ensuring you never miss an incoming call again.
Self Service Portal
Our smart, online self-service portal allows you to control multiple features of the landline system anywhere in the world, as long as you are connected to the internet.
Call Forwarding
Never worry about losing your incoming landline again, your number is securely stored in the United Telecoms voice cloud system, with the ability to forward to any other number in minutes.
Suitable for All Users
A virtual landline is ideal for small businesses of 1 or more users or multiple landlines suitable for 1000+ user systems.
Customer Appearance
Project a professional, customer-centric appearance with a local business landline number that resonates with prospects in your area of operation.
International Calls
Receive and make your calls anywhere in the world at no additional cost via the smartphone mobile extension.


Choose a Virtual Number for Your Business

01225286003 (Bath)
01225286004 (Bath)
01225286000 (Bath)
01225286001 (Bath)
01225286002 (Bath)
01216722000 (Birmingham)
01216722001 (Birmingham)
01216722002 (Birmingham)
01216722003 (Birmingham)
01216722004 (Birmingham)
01172972001 (Bristol)
01172972002 (Bristol)
01172972003 (Bristol)
01172972004 (Bristol)
01172972005 (Bristol)
01312622000 (Edinburgh)
01312622001 (Edinburgh)
01312622002 (Edinburgh)
01312622003 (Edinburgh)
01312622004 (Edinburgh)
01392972000 (Exeter)
01392972001 (Exeter)
01392972002 (Exeter)
01392972003 (Exeter)
01392972004 (Exeter)
01413792000 (Glasgow)
01413792001 (Glasgow)
01413792002 (Glasgow)
01413792003 (Glasgow)
01413792004 (Glasgow)
01134282002 (Leeds)
01134282003 (Leeds)
01134282004 (Leeds)
01134282005 (Leeds)
01134282001 (Leeds)
01164382000 (Leicester)
01164382001 (Leicester)
01164382002 (Leicester)
01164382003 (Leicester)
01164382005 (Leicester)
01513792003 (Liverpool)
01513792004 (Liverpool)
01513792005 (Liverpool)
01513792006 (Liverpool)
01513792007 (Liverpool)
02033948761 (London)
02033948762 (London)
02034391011 (London)
02034391012 (London)
02034391013 (London)
02034394900 (London)
02079307977 (London)
02080540417 (London)
02080540418 (London)
02080540419 (London)
02080540420 (London)
02080540421 (London)
02083971111 (London)
01614180001 (Manchester)
01614180003 (Manchester)
01614180004 (Manchester)
01614180005 (Manchester)
01614180006 (Manchester)
01157682000 (Nottingham)
01157682001 (Nottingham)
01157682002 (Nottingham)
01157682003 (Nottingham)
01157682004 (Nottingham)
01865362144 (Oxford)
01865362145 (Oxford)
01865362146 (Oxford)
01865362147 (Oxford)
01865362148 (Oxford)
01184392000 (Reading)
01184392001 (Reading)
01184392002 (Reading)
01184392003 (Reading)
01184392004 (Reading)
01144432002 (Sheffield)
01144432003 (Sheffield)
01144432004 (Sheffield)
01144432005 (Sheffield)
01144432006 (Sheffield)

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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to get a virtual landline up and running?

All you need is an internet connection (new or existing). You can use any reliable, stable internet connection including 4G/LTE, 5G, Fibre, ADSL, Wireless or Satellite. No BT lines are required for the service to run.

Can I keep my existing landline number?

Yes, of course, you can port your existing geographic landline number so that you are still contactable on your geographic number.

How long does it take to install?

The virtual landline is set up remotely and can be activated on the same day as sign up. The landline is set up within minutes by our in-house technical team; thereafter simple instructions are sent to the user to download and set up the app on their smartphone.

Can I receive more than one call at a time on my virtual landline?

Yes, our system allows you to receive unlimited incoming calls. If you are on a call and cannot answer incoming calls, our auto attendant system will be required. An auto-attendant acts as a virtual receptionist and can place calls onto a pre-determined holding message, allowing for multiple callers to be placed in a virtual queue. We recommend providing a customised “on hold” message for your clients while they wait to speak to you, ensuring they understand that you will answer shortly, as well as passing on relevant marketing information to the waiting callers.

Can I answer my virtual landline number anywhere in the world?

Yes, your virtual number works anywhere in the world all that is required is that you have a reliable internet connection, there is no additional cost to the caller or yourself.

How do I receive and make my calls?

The user experience is simple and intuitive. You can make and receive calls on any compatible IP desktop telephone, your smartphone or PC, or any combination of these devices. If using the softphone PC based extension, we recommended purchasing a simple, hands-free headset to ensure a high-quality end-user experience.

Do I receive a phone and airtime/data with my contract?

The virtual landline subscription fees are for the virtual landline and smartphone application only, this price includes your landline number and access to the virtual landline extension application. We do offer Yealink IP Phone handsets at an additional cost for users who prefer to have a traditional desk-based phone. The package does not include airtime or data, this is sold additionally.

What if I want to expand and add additional users or numbers?

Users can be added or removed quickly and easily, within a matter of minutes. Please remember there is a 30-day notice period, so any decreases made will take 30 days to reflect on your invoice. 

When comparing offers from multiple companies what should I look out for?

1.    Check if call usage costs are included as a bundled fee or charged separately per call.
2.    Many providers charge per minute call rates and/or a connection fee. Per-minute call rates increase the call charges as a 15-second call will still be charged for a full minute, while call connection charges are effectively a minimum fee for each call connected and lift call charges significantly.
3.    Check if all features of the systems are included in the subscription price. Some pricing models include only the most basic system and exclude many features which must then be added on at additional fees in order to operate a professional landline service.
4.    Check online client testimonials and reviews to ensure the provider has a history of reliable customer service support.
5.    Check details such as contract cancellation policies, and duration of the contract.

For a more detailed breakdown on how to assess hosted PBX providers and virtual landline providers, read our guide on how to assess telephony quotes..


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